All aboard flight MOA 2021-2022! Loyal Passenger Flat Athena booked many trips for this upcoming year, and we hope she has a layover in YOUR city! She may even drop in on your Zoom call. Be sure to say hello if she is in town!

If your chapter is interested in hosting Flat Athena in your city, please email travel agent & Grand Governor at


For this year's G&E, Chapters will have monthly challenges with a list of tasks to choose from and complete for points.  At the end of the year, the Chapter with the most points accumulated will win a prize!

Points must be tallied and submitted at the end of each month.  To submit your points, you must email the Grand Vice President with proof that the task has been completed (e.g. picture or screenshot) at


This year, the Maids of Athena Grand Lodge have taken on another project focusing on supporting Domestic Violence Awareness. We are encouraging our chapters to support a local domestic violence shelter, educate themselves and raise awareness about this issue, share resources online and purchase a purple ribbon to wear during Domestic Violence Awareness month.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Grand Governor Maria at



MOA Book Club is back!


Registered members will meet quarterly to discuss thoughts, likes and dislikes, and enjoy general conversation with each other. Upon registering, you will be asked for a book recommendation that will be entered into a random draw to choose the book for each quarter. You can join individually or join with one of your sisters!


If you have any questions, reach out to MOA Grand Treasurer Rigo at

Register by November 15th below.


Are you a past MOA or a DOP who would like to support our youth order? Become a Patron of Athena today!

The Patrons of Athena are a cherished part of our sisterhood. By making a commitment to the Maids of Athena, you will help to preserve the history of our Order, maintain our principles and ideals, and leave behind a legacy for our sisters of tomorrow.

Lifetime membership is available to any individual who accepts the principles of our order and submits a one-time lifetime membership fee. This membership fee directly funds the National Maids of Athena Treasury for scholarship and project purposes.

Do you recognize that someone in your community would make a great Patron of Athena? Send them a formal invitation today!