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Step One

Look at your chapter roster. Do you see anyone who is approaching their 23rd birthday or is over the age of 23? Yes? Thats great! Let's begin the process of getting them duly initiated into the Daughters of Penelope. 


Step Two

Inform those Sisters who are 23+ about becoming dual members of the Daughters of Penelope. Then, organize an initiation date with your Chapter Advisor or your DOP Chapter President. 


Step Three

Final step! On the day of your initiation, provide TWO ​forms. The DOP Membership Application & the MOA Dual Membership form (listed below) AND your $15 initiation fee. (This is a one-time fee) That's it! More detailed information is listed below. Send a message to your Grand Lodge Liasion or our MOA Grand Advisor if you have any questions. 


DOP Chapter Presidents, MOA Chapter Presidents and MOA Chapter Advisors,

The Maids of Athena is an organization made of young women committed to the success, goals and
framework of the AHEPA Family. The Maids of Athena chapters across the United States and Canada
strive to promote our Hellenic culture as well as cultivate good citizenship by investing their time and
talents to social, ethical and intellectual interests within their community.

No matter whether these young ladies are officers in their Chapters, Districts or Grand Lodge, they are
also a diverse and talented group who bring many wonderful talents to the Order and when given the
time, make the Maids of Athena and their projects a priority.

This year we are diligent in ensuring that this is being done per our Constitution stated below:

Section 7. Graduation to Membership in the Daughters of Penelope
(a) Members of the Maids of Athena shall automatically terminate their membership in the Order of the Maids of Athena upon reaching the age of twenty-eight (28), or upon their marriage, except in the case of officers, who shall be allowed to complete their term of office.
(b) Members of the Maids of Athena in good standing with the Chapter and Supreme
Headquarters, having reached the age of twenty-three (23) and wishing to continue membership in the Maids of Athena, shall be required to apply for membership in the Daughters of Penelope.
(c) Dual members will be required to pay their Maids of Athena Dues in their entirety and the
Initiation Fee to the Daughters of Penelope. The Per Capita amount will be waived as per the
Daughters of Penelope Constitution.

We request Daughters of Penelope and Maids of Athena Chapter Presidents work together to ensure that rosters are thorough and that dual initiations are planned. It is also very important that the Grand Advisor is made aware of the date and time which your dual initiations. 

Two forms – DOP Membership Application & the MOA Dual Membership form – need to be filled out and
have signed by the current officers of the DOP and MOA. These fillable forms can be found on the MOA
Website and the DOP website. Dual members will only pay a $15.00 initiation fee to their sponsoring
DOP chapter just once and continue to pay MOA dues until they age out at 28 years of age. Until then,
they will only pay dues to their primary MOA chapter, not to the DOP. If any questions arise, please do not hesitate to send a message. 

Patty Didik
MOA Grand Advisor

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