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Grand Lodge:

Leadership Profiles

The Maids of Athena Grand Lodge is made up of five exemplary members from across the continent.  The Grand Lodge is led by the Grand President, who is the highest-ranking member of the MOA. Her lodge consists of the Grand Vice President, Grand Secretary, Grand Treasurer, and Grand Governor.  The Grand Advisor to the Maids of Athena is a member of the Daughters of Penelope Grand Lodge elected based on her desire to help the Junior Auxiliary Order.  Grand Lodge positions are elected annually at the AHEPA Supreme Convention.  

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Maria Ana Pantelous reactivated the dormant chapter, Demetra #33 of Cherry Hill NJ, in 2015. Taking a serious interest in this organization, she stepped up to lead the chapter as a two-term Chapter President. As she passed on the reins to the next Chapter President, she looked into other communities where chapters could be reactivated. She obtained her bachelor's from Rutgers University in Health Sciences in 2020 and currently oversees and manages a physical therapy clinic, while acting as a liaison of leadership within the company for other clinics. Maria Ana enjoys soccer, basketball, watching football (#FlyEaglesFly), traveling, photography, and being with her family and friends. She loves the Maids of Athena because it unites the Greeks across the country and world through a common mission and sisterhood all while promoting opportunities to grow as an individual and as a leader. The friendships she has gained around the country are very cherished by her. This is her second term as Grand President and fifth year on Grand Lodge, with previously serving two terms as Grand Vice President and one term as Grand Secretary. She is excited to bring this organization to new heights and put the Maids of Athena #MOAbackontheMAP. Maria Ana is the liaison to Districts 1, 8, 25, 26, 27, 28

Grand President

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Maria Ana Pantelous

Grand Vice President

Rigo Nasopoulos reactivated the Olga Moutselos Chapter #255 in Brooklyn, New York in 2016. She has resided as a two-term Chapter President and the Chapter Treasurer. Since their reactivation, they have won both Breakout Chapter of the Year as well as the Philanthropic award. Reactivating the Olga Moutselos Chapter has had a lasting positive impact on her community, and has spread the values and ideals of our order. Her experiences on a chapter level are what inspired her to join Grand Lodge. Rigo graduated from Baruch College with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance and has obtained her Master’s in Accounting from Touro College. She currently works as a Junior Accountant for A. Kozak Accounting Company in Manhattan. In addition to her studies, she coaches GOYA basketball for her community church of Holy Cross Brooklyn, and referees youth soccer. She loves the Maids of Athena because of what it has given to her, and what it will continue to give to countless young women. She has forged lifelong friendships and has been able to give back to her community on a much larger scale. This is her first year as Grand Vice President after serving two years on the Grand Lodge as Grand Governor, and another as Grand Treasurer.  Rigo is currently the Grand Lodge liaison to Districts 3, 5, 6, 7, and 10.

Rigo Nasopoulos

Grand Secretary


Ally Tsenekos joined the Maids of Athena in April 2014 in her hometown of Canton, Ohio (Lita #73). She served one term as Chapter Secretary and one term as Chapter President. She served on the District 11 Lodge one term as District Secretary, two terms as District Lieutenant Governor, and one term as District Governor. She has made lifelong friends through Maids of Athena and can truly call each and everyone one of them her sister for life. Most of all, she loves making an impact on communities through volunteering, fundraising, and educating. She believes that every young woman should feel empowered to use her voice. It is her passion to help young women develop leadership and confidence skills as past leaders within this order have done for her. Ally has a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Xavier University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Ohio and Kentucky. She is currently working as a Child and Family Therapist at a mental health agency. She loves to travel, visit local coffee shops, and practice hot yoga. She is so excited to serve as your Grand Secretary. Ally is liaison to 10,11, 14, and 23.

Ally Tsenekos

Grand Treasurer  

Stephanie Owens joined the Maids of Athena in October 2017 in Tampa, Florida. Two years later, she was helped reactivate the Adelphi #279 chapter in Tallahassee, Florida. She served one term as Chapter Vice President (2019-2020) followed by two terms as Chapter President (2020-2022). She helped Adelphi #279 achieve the Breakout Chapter of the Year award for the 2019-2020 year and she received the Worthy Maid of the Year award in 2021-2022.  Stephanie is a graduate student at Florida State University pursuing a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Stephanie has a Bachelor of Science in Criminology with minors in Psychology, Sociology, and Public Administration. Stephanie was born and raised in Greece and relocated to Florida at the age of 14. Stephanie was elected as Grand Treasurer at the 100th AHEPA Supreme Convention in Orlando, Florida. She has also held roles on Florida State’s campus as a Partnership Coordinator for Dance Marathon and an Outreach Director for FSU Homecoming. She loves Maids of Athena because it enables young women to turn their interests into transformative leadership opportunities with the help of lifelong friends while doing philanthropic work. Stephanie is the Grand Lodge Liaison officer to Districts 2, 13, 16, & 17. 

Stephanie Owens

Grand Governor   

Markella Roros joined the Maids of Athena in April 2017, joining the newly reactivated Brooklyn Maids of Athena (Olga Moutselos #255). She served as Worthy Maid for two terms and was awarded Sweetheart of the Year from the Sons of Pericles and her chapter was awarded Chapter of the Year at the 2019 Supreme Convention in Chicago. Markella has chosen a career in education, recently receiving her Master’s Degree from Touro University in Early Childhood Education Grades 1-6 in General and Special Education, and currently working towards her teaching certification. Markella is an avid Greek dancer, enjoys traveling around the world, reading romance novels, and watching her favorite football team during the season (Let’s Go Ravens!). She loves the Maids of Athena because it has broadened her family ten-fold, now having brothers and sisters all across the world, and has provided her with friendships that are sure to last a lifetime. This is her first year on the Grand Lodge, serving as this year's Grand Governor. She is excited to take on this new role in the Maids of Athena community. Markella is currently the Grand Lodge Liaison to Districts 4, 12, 20, 21, 22, and 24. 

Markella Roros

Grand Advisor   


Hello, my name is Eftyhia “Effie” Kirkiles, and I am truly honored to be on the Daughters of Penelope Grand Lodge as the Grand Advisor of the Maids of Athena. I am an 8-year member of Fort Lauderdale, FL, Narcissus #289, Citrus District 2. Recently I completed my term as District Governor and am enthusiastic to be the bridge between the Maids of Athena and the Daughters of Penelope. I live in Fort Lauderdale with my wonderful husband of 11 years, Demetrios. Professionally, for the past 7 years I have been working at Florida Heart Rhythm Specialists, PLLC in multiple roles. I look forward to a year of amazing collaboration and leadership from both the Maids of Athena and the Daughters of Penelope.

Effie Kirkiles
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